Alexis David Pascual

Alexis David Pascual

Ukpik-1 CubeSat Project Manager & Western Alumni (Western University Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Collaborative Specialization in Planetary Science)

Alysha  McNeil

Alysha McNeil

Geoscience Collections Curator, Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite

Kristen Harris

Kristen Harris

Administrative Officer, Earth Sciences

Larry Weir

Larry Weir

Associate Dean, Norton Wolf School of Aviation and Aerospace Technology

Fanshawe College

Musawer Jalal

Computer Science and Financial Economics Student, Western University

Reza Danesh Askari

Engineering undergraduate student at Western University

Rayhan Mohammed Abdul Rahman

Student, Faculty of Science

Olivia  Benest

Olivia Benest

Outreach Assistant, Richard W. Hutchinson Geoscience Collaborative Suite (Western University)