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2015 planetary surface processes field school at Meteor Crater, Arizona.

The Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration offers both experiential and interdisciplinary learning opportunities for its students at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as for industry professionals wanting to expand the depth and breadth of their space-relevant knowledge and skills. Through high-impact learning opportunities, including field schools in Canada and abroad, multi-venue space mission simulations (e.g. Canadian Arctic, Utah) and access to a substantial network of experts from academia, industry and government, on and off campus by virtue of our collaborations, CPSX students gain unique insights and develop the fundamental skills and networks required to support current and lead future space program research and exploration initiatives.

Undergraduate Students

CPSX is proud to offer an undergraduate Minor in Planetary Science & Space Exploration. Consider registering for this Minor in addition to your Major/Specialization! We offer a wide variety of courses, and opportunities for hands-on minds-on learning. This interdisciplinary program is the ideal way to combine various fields of interest. In addition to providing you with academic opportunities, we also provide many students with summer research experience, allowing them to delve into every aspect of planetary science & space exploration.

Graduate Students

Welcome to Canada’s first and only graduate program in Planetary Science. Started in 2008, we now have over 35 students enrolled in MSc and PhD programs. We provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience working at planetary analogue field sites, on planetary analogue missions, on real space missions, and in the laboratory, on a variety of research themes. Our collaborative graduate program allows students to study a range of topics within planetary and space science and exploration, with supervisors from Faculties and Departments across campus.