Space as a National Asset for Canada (SNAC)

Conference-Workshop Proposal

The utilization of space underpins much of modern society, including enabling GPS location, accurately time-stamping ATM activities, connecting distant communities, and tracking severe weather. As a result, A New Space Strategy for Canada (2019) identifies space as a strategic national asset. The goals of this proposed conference-workshop are to bring together the stakeholders from universities, government, industry, and community organizations that develop and utilize space to assess the current status of space infrastructure and identify future needs for Canada.


Three days with conference presentations + embedded workshops. The first full day will be presentation sessions, including talks, panels, etc. Presentation sessions will be both invited plenary sessions and contributed parallel sessions, with the goals of sharing information and starting discussions. The first day will finish with a brainstorming session to identify key themes for whitepapers. The 2nd day + 3rd morning session will be facilitated break-out workshops with subject experts designed to draft whitepapers. The 3rd afternoon will be a townhall to present preliminary whitepaper results. The conference is intended to foster communication across disciplines and between university, government, industry, and the public. Final whitepapers will be due 2 weeks after the end of the conference.


5-10 white papers on the future needs and challenges for space infrastructure to be digitally hosted permanently by Western Libraries. Each conference presentation session is expected to generate at least one whitepaper, with an open call for additional whitepaper proposals that will be selected in advance of the conference.
  • Date: June 15-17, 2020
  • Time: 8AM-5PM
  • Location: Spencer Ivey Conference Center 551 Windermere Rd, London, ON N5X 2T1
  • Contact us: