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International Two-way Holoportation! 

We are excited to share that we have successfully tested the world's first International two way holoportation led by Dr. Adam Sirek! 

 “We transported one person from Alabama to London, Ontario, and then each of the students here on the project were able to instantly holoport themselves in holographic form down to Huntsville, Alabama,” Dr. Adam Sirek said. Read more. 


STEM Outreach in Cochrane, ON

We attended the Stardust STEM Festival in Cochrane, ON, August 1st-13th. It was an excting week filled with STEM outreach activities and networking. We met space industry leaders and attended many great presentations. The event coincided with Canada's first  student rocket launch competition, which had more than 150 engineering students competing! 


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Latest Research Missions:

ax_1_img_2.pngAx-1 Mission 

Ax-1 Mission, the first private space mission to the ISS lifted off in April 2022! A team of Western Space researchers & students are collaborating with Mark Pathy, one of the crew members and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to conduct Earth observation activities! Click here to learn more