Western Space regularly collaborates with space-related organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Meet our Collaborators

Canadian Space Agency

CSA-ASC LogoThe Western Space and the Canadian Space Agency work together on many levels. Several researchers within Western Space receive funding from various CSA programs. Western Space and CSA also have established several close collaborations through the sponsorship of Western Space Deputy Director, Dr. Gordon Osinski’s, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology, and in the area of public education, awareness, and outreach.

Canadian Lunar Research Network

CLRN LogoThe University of Western Ontario is the lead node in the Canadian Lunar Research Network (CLRN). This is a new organization of Canadian scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from all across Canada whose goals are to promote lunar research, foster collaboration among Canadian researchers and international partners, and extend our enthusiasm of lunar exploration to the general public. CLRN was proud to be the first member of the NASA Lunar Science Institute.

Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath LogoClearpath Robotics builds autonomous mobile robotics solutions to automate the dull, dirty and dangerous. Intergrating self-driving vehicles for research and industry.

MDA Space Missions

MDA LogoThe Western Space and MDA Space Missions, based in Brampton, ON, have established a close working relationship. In particular, Western Space researchers provide MDA with resources and support in the area of planetary science and terrestrial analogue studies. Western Space and MDA have partnered on many successful proposals to the Canadian Space Agency in the area of planetary exploration and MDA currently sponsor Western Space Deputy Director, Dr. Gordon Osinski’s, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Planetary Geology.

NASA (Lunar Science Institute)

NASA Lunar Science InstituteThe NASA Lunar Science Institute is based at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Western Space have developed a strong relationship with NLSI through the links with the Canadian Lunar Research Network.

National Science and Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

NSERC LogoWestern Space and NSERC have an extensive relationship that extends beyond funding research. Western Space is home to several NSERC programs that foster national collaboration on various research themes in planetary science and space exploration. NSERC has also been a pivotal part of CPSX's outreach program through NSERC PromoScience.

Ontario Drive and Gear

ODG LogoAs Western Space expands the research theme of exploration technologies we have become partners with ODG who strives to be the go-to choice for world-class gears, transmissions and service of global OEM customers 

Planetary Science and Division of the Geological Association of Canada

GAC PSD LogoThe Planetary Sciences Division of the Geological Association of Canada was established in 2009. Dr. Gordon Osinski, the Deputy Director of Western Space, led the establishment of this Division and is its current Chair. CPSX provides administrative oversight and financial support to the Division and the biannual Planetary Matters newsletter is published through Western Space.

Space Society of London

Space Society of LondonThe Space Society of London was formed in 2008 by a group of students at the University of Western Ontario to encourage student involvement in space related activities. SSoL works closely with Western Space in developing activities and events related to space for students at Western and people in the greater London area. Activities have included visits to the Ontario Science Centre during their Mars exhibit, talks about the history of space exploration, Yuri’s night parties, and sci-fi movie nights.