Western University - Nunavut Arctic College CubeSat Project

Satellites in space
What is the Project?
Led by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the Canadian CubeSat Project offers post-secondary institutions the opportunity for their students to take part in a real space mission by designing, building, launching, and operating their own miniature satellite, called a CubeSat. 
What is a CubeSat?
A CubeSat is a minature cube-shaped  satelite!
How did the project start?
On May 4, 2018, CSA announced the winners of the Canadian CubeSat Project. Proposal led by Western University, in partnership with Nunavut Arctic College, was one of the 15 successful proposals. The project at Western University is led by Depertment of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Western Space faculty member Dr. Jayshri Sabarinathan.
Who is on the team?
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jayshri Sabarinathan   
Co-investigators: Dr. Gordon Osinski, Dr. Kenneth McIsaac, Dr. Livio Tornabene 
Project Managers: Alexis Pascal & Nicholas Mitchell
Educational Outreach Coordinator: Dr. Parshati Patel 
Industry partners: MDA and Canadensys Aerospace 

Mission Objectives:

Conduct a flight-test with a novel imaging system for the engineering technology demonstration with the potential to provide virtual reality-ready images. This imagin system has future applications in the Earth observation and space exploration.
Enchance science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) outreach of Western Space by taking CubeSat operations into the classroom. This will include students from Southwestern Ontario schools and Nunavut Arctic College. Remote access to the CubeSat will facilitate live demonstrations of how to send commands and how to interpret data received. These activities will commplement the existing classroom activities and build upon previous work developed at Western in enabling remote access to laboratory equipment.
Stay tuned for details here as the project develops!