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Graduate student, Laura Thomson, explains meteorite formation to grade 6 students

News for 2013/14

This year brings big changes for the CPSX – there will be some major restructuring and refocusing throughout the entire Centre.

The outreach activities we will continue to support include:
a) Interactive Mapping of the Planets – an online student and citizen engagement activity for which we will soon be searching for testing subjects.
b) The next two seasons of Western Worlds, a radio show and podcast featuring engaging interviews and roundtable discussions with world leaders in Planetary Exploration – including our very own faculty and graduate students. This season we hope to be able to take questions from our Twitter followers and incorporate them into our segments. Feel free to bring your Planetary science questions to our attention: @wwafm.
c) Selected public events, such as International Observe the Moon Night, taking place at the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory on the Western campus on October 12th.
d) Recruitment events on-line and at Western for high school students.

We are also working closely with the Faculty of Education here at Western to develop a certificate program for teachers to learn about interdisciplinary sciences, and create resources to be used in the classroom.

Our in-class resources for inquiry-based activities on a wide variety of planetary science topics will also still be available for FREE online.

Please contact us for more information!

The CPSX Outreach Program has been made possible by funding from NSERC PromoScience, the Canadian Space Agency, and The University of Western Ontario.