International Observe the Moon Night
10th Annual CPSX Distinguished Public Lecture
2nd NSERC CREATE - CSA Analogue Deployment
2014 Planetary Science Short Course

Welcome to the homepage of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) at Western University, the focus for planetary science and exploration research in Canada. Our mantra is excellence in research, education, and outreach. The Centre hosts Canada’s only graduate program in planetary science and has a vibrant public education and outreach program. We provide national leadership by running short courses, workshops, and field trips and by leading Canada’s membership in the NASA Lunar Science Institute and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Read more.

The CPSX hosts the CPSX Research Forum every Friday during the academic year, you can learn more about it and browse past and future talks here.

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PhD Position in Isotope Cosmochemistry
Dr. Bouvier is looking for a student to work on geochemical and geochrononological studies of Apollo rocks and lunar meteorites. (read full story)
Fri Sep 12, 2014
Congratulations to Vanier Scholarship Winner Tanya Harrison!
PhD student wins prestigious scholarship (read full story)
Tue Aug 26, 2014
2nd NSERC CREATE - CSA Analogue Deployment
Thu Aug 14, 2014
Canadian technology will go to an asteroid in 2016!
The Osiris-REx mission takes off in 2016! (read full story)
Fri Jul 18, 2014
Could Martian impact structures provide refuge for endolithic organisms?
Tue Jun 24, 2014
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