Prospective Students

What is Planetary Science?

Planetary science is a multidisciplinary field concerned with studying the formation and evolution of planetary and star systems. The field includes the study of materials that make up planets and asteroids, comets and dust, their dynamic interactions, the processes which allow life in our solar system, the search for life in extreme environments on and beyond Earth, and more. It seeks to explain the origin of the solar system and life, and the processes that shape Earth and other planets. It demonstrates how simple laws in chemistry and physics lead to complex natural systems. Examples of space research at Western can be found here.

Planetary science & space exploration combines aspects of many disciplines and offers an opportunity to follow your interests. Discuss and take part in cutting edge planetary exploration, find opportunities in summer fieldwork and hands-on laboratory work, and collaborate with space agencies and private partners.

Why choose a Minor in Planetary Science & Space Exploration at Western?

We offer a wide variety of exciting core and interdisciplinary courses to choose from; opportunities for summer and term research work at Western or in the field; extra-curricular and social activities such as the CPSX Research Forum, the Space Society of London (SSoL), and Planetary Science field trips.

Our programs emphasize original student research, group interaction, and a multidisciplinary approach.

Be part of the largest Planetary Science and Space Exploration community in Canada!