Summer Internship

Western Space is the leading organization for planetary science and exploration research and training in Canada. Established in 2008 formerly known as CPSX, Western Space is home to the largest group of faculty and students in Canada, with over 50 faculty and 30 graduate students from 11 different departments, connected by 5 interdisciplinary research themes. Our goal is to provide Canada and the global space program with the necessary expertise to design and operate future space missions.

The Western Space Summer Internship Program will provide students with an opportunity to perform cutting-edge, hands-on research on a range of topics in an interdisciplinary environment. Opportunities for both individual and group research projects are available. Students will learn from widely respected scientists and engineers and will participate in a series of group activities, including seminars and workshops.

Benefits of an internship:

  • Gain valuable research experience
  • Develop new skills and refine others
  • Meet and work with professionals
  • Experience a new work environment

Areas of Study:

For 2019, research projects and activities will be grouped around 3 main themes:

CubeSats – the design and building of CubeSat satellites as part of the Canadian CubeSat Project.

Planetary Science – research that seeks to understand the origin and dynamics of planetary systems and the processes that subsequently shape their interior, surface, and atmospheres.

Exploration Technologies – focusing on the development of instrumentation, robotics and telerobotics, power systems, communications, and data science, related to the exploration of remote and/or harsh environments on Earth and other planetary bodies.

Admission Requirements

Western Space invites undergraduates and recent graduates (with a graduation date in 2019) to apply to this program. Applicants are expected to have a major in a physical or natural science, engineering, computer science, or mathematics. Preference will be given to applicants with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.

Western Space Summer Internships are available up to a maximum of 16 weeks, beginning no earlier than May 1st and ending by August 31st. As a summer intern, you will work one-on-one with a CPSX faculty member(s) on the main campus of the University of Western Ontario. Interns are selected based on academic excellence, scientific interest and background and will be paired with an advisor who will support and guide them in their research. Stipends will be provided in the amount of $6,500.

How to apply

Please submit your application by e-mail to by February 28th  2019.

The application consists of the following:

  • 1-page personal essay outlining your academic and personal background, educational goals, and scientific interests. (PDF format)
  • Resume/CV containing details about your education, previous employment, research/lab experiences, technical and programming skills, publications and awards. Maximum of two pages in PDF format.
  • A letter of recommendation submitted separately by e-mail to by the referee.
  • University Transcript(s). Unofficial transcripts are acceptable as long as they are generated by your college or university website. (PDF format)
  • A list of Faculty Members you would like be interested in working with in the body of your email.
  • State whether you have applied and/or received alternate funding such as USRA in the body of your email.

Alternately you can submit your application by mail:

ATTN: Administrative Coordinator
Western Space, Western University
Room 121, Western Science Centre - London, ON, Canada, N6A 3K7


Offers will be made to successful candidates by March 15, 2010.