Prospective Students

Why Study Planetary Sciences?

Planetary science is an interdisciplinary field encompassing aspects of Earth Sciences, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Geography, History, Philosophy, and many other allied subject areas. The focus of planetary science is on understanding the origin and evolution of planets and planetary systems and of life itself, with emphasis on the exploration of our own solar system. 

Is Planetary Science right for me?

Planetary Science speaks directly to many broad, important questions of particular relevance in today’s society. Climate change (planetary atmospheres), the origin of life on Earth (astrobiology), and sustainability (planetary surfaces) are among the topics covered under the broad umbrella of planetary science.

Planetary science combines aspects of many disciplines. It offers opportunities to follow your interests, discuss and take part in cutting edge planetary exploration, find opportunities for summer fieldwork and hands-on laboratory work, and collaborate with space agencies and private partners.