Admission Requirements

The Collaborative Graduate Program in Planetary Science welcomes applications from all potential students, but those with a demonstrated interest in planetary science and exploration as indicated by prior course work, research or involvement in space-related student groups will be given preferential consideration. In all cases the normal admission criteria appropriate to each home department program will apply.

To apply to the Graduate Program in Planetary Science, prospective students must first apply to the graduate program in their department of interest and then specify planetary science. The application process and requirements to different departments vary, so you are encouraged to explore the graduate pages of your department of interest (listed below), and Western’s School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Please note that enrollment in the Collaborative Graduate Program in Planetary Science is currently restricted to students enrolled in one of the graduate programs offered through the Department of Earth Sciences or the Department of Physics and Astronomy, however students from other programs may enroll in Planetary Science classes, and may unofficially participate in the program. 

Earth Sciences Graduate Program
Physics & Astronomy Graduate Program
Geography Graduate Program
Electrical and Computer Engineering

MSc and PhD degrees in Planetary Sciences awarded by Western are distinguished by the discipline of the candidate’s host Program, i.e. PhD in Geophysics (Planetary Science).