Research Advisory Committee

Jan Cami

Jan Cami

Associate Director of Research and Outreach / Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Sarah  Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Science Advisor to the Canadian Space Agency, Faculty of Science

Catherine Neish

Catherine Neish

Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science

Gordon  Osinski

Gordon Osinski

Director, Western Space / Professor, Earth Sciences

Jayshri Sabarinathan

Jayshri Sabarinathan

Associate Director of Training / Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kevin  Shoemaker

Kevin Shoemaker

Distinguished University Professor, Canada Research Chair, School of Kinesiology; Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health Sciences

Adam  Sirek

Adam Sirek

Adjunct Professor, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

Elizabeth  Steyn

Elizabeth Steyn

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law

Matt Svensson

Matt Svensson

Graduate Council President

Ana Luisa  Trejos

Ana Luisa Trejos

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jinfei Wang

Jinfei Wang

Professor, Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Science