Western-Based Team Beginning a new HiRISE Imaging Campaign of Mars- Cycle 273

The Western-based team planning HiRISE operations: Gavin Tolometti, Zach Morse, Jon Kissi, and Dr. Livio Tornabene (left to right).

Our Western University-based team is gearing up once again to help plan a 2-week set of HiRISE images of Mars starting this week (HiRISE is a high-resolution camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – MRO). The Western-based team is led by Earth Sciences Adjunct Research Professor Dr. Livio Tornabene (@RocDocMars) – a veteran HiRISE Science team member – and will include Department of Earth Sciences Masters student Gavin Tolometti (@Tolometti), Department of Earth Sciences Doctoral candidate Zach Morse (@Zach4theFuture), and Electrical Engineering PhD student Jon Kissi (@JonyRobotic). The team will be enjoying another exciting imaging campaign with the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory HiRISE Operations Team, including HiRISE targeting specialist (HiTS) Kristin Block. This will be the 5th time the science-planning of HiRISE images has been lead from Canada, taking place in the Centre of Planetary Science and Exploration’s (CPSX) mission control facility housed in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

HiRISE’s 273rd imaging campaign executes on Saturday, April 15th and continues to Saturday, April 29th as Mars continues into Northern Spring / Southern Fall. The team anticipates taking ~200+ images, including current and future landing sites, and various seasonal processes associated with the Martian equinox including what we hope will be the first images of the season capturing avalanches off the north polar scarp as well as several clear images of the Helas Basin (lowest elevation on Mars).

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