CPSX Faculty Winners

Congratulations to two CPSX faculty members, Dr. Gordon Osinski and Dr. Sean Shieh, who recently received awards from the Faculty of Science and Mineralogical Association of Canada. Dr. Gordon Osinski was awarded 2015 Florence Bucke Science Prize, which is awarded annually to a faculty member from the Department of Science who is under age of 45 and who’s research demonstrates both quality and worth. Part of the winning of this award is a public lecture giving the winner an opportunity to highlight their time as a researcher at Western. This lecture has been tentatively scheduled for April 7th 2015, 4 pm.

In addition, Dr. Osinski was award the Young Scientist Award of the Mineralogical Association of Canada for 2015. This award is given to a young scientist who has made a significant international research contribution in a promising start to a scientific career. The full story on Dr. Osinski’s awards can be found at: Double Honour.

Dr. Sean Shieh was named one of the recipients of the 2015 Faculty Scholars Award, which serves to recognize significant scholastic achievements. Dr. Shieh’s research investigating the planetary interiors has been recognized on an international scale for it’s advancements to the field of materials and planetary science.

Congratulation to both Dr. Gordon Osinski and Dr. Sean Shieh!