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Western Worlds offers bi-weekly podcast programming that features an interview with space-relevant researchers, engineers, scientists, or advocates representing the local, national and global planetary science and exploration communities. Interview content is designed to be accessible and interesting for a wide range of listeners and will be followed by a round-table discussion involving several Western Worlds co-hosts, who have a wide-variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

Podcasts are posted every other week on this site. Come back often and feel free to suggest topics and speakers.

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Western Worlds Shorts - CanMars 2016 Analogue Mission
We talk to the mission specialists that advised and contributed to the Mission Control Team here at Western during the Analogue Mission!

Scott McLennan - Professor, Stony Brook University   Listen to the show!

Ken Willifred - Deputy Project Scientist, NASA JPL Mars 2020   Listen to the show!

Raymond Francis - Scientific Software Engineer, NASA JPL    Listen to the show!