Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration

Research Forum

The CPSX Research Forum takes place weekly on Wednesdays at 2:30 PM.

Western faculty, graduate students and guest lectures from academia, the space industry and government present new discoveries, mission-specific opportunities, interesting training initiatives as well as industry-specific policies, challenges and prospects with the intention of informing and engaging participants in discussions about relevant topics in planetary science and exploration.

2017 Research Forum Schedule:

Wednesday, February 1st - Institute Brainstorming Session - Physics & Astronomy - PAB 100

Wednesday, February 8th - Institute Brainstorming Session - Earth Sciences - BGS 1027

Wednesday, February 15th - Institute Brainstorming Session - Engineering - TEB 234

Wednesday, February 22nd - No Forum - Reading Week

Wednesday, March 1st - 'A Stone Age Space Program? Stonehenge, Knowth and the Moon.' - Dr. Phil Stooke, Geography - PAB 100

Wednesday, March 8th - 'The terms of periglaciation are important, on Mars as on Earth' - Dr. Richard Soare - Dawson College - PAB 100

Wednesday, March 15th - LPSC Presentations - PAB 100

Wednesday, March 22nd - No Forum - LPSC Conference

Wednesday, March 29th - To be announced - PAB 100